Saturday, 31 March 2012

Back to School

Last Month I spent 3 days shadowing and helping in the art department of Montrose Academy in Angus. Working with the younger years of the high school we were exploring the art of Hundertwasser for inspiration for tapestry designs for the s1's. The project for the s2's was looking a textures and structures of sea life to transfer into body adornment. On my third day I taught the s1 classes the principles of engraving onto sheet metal through embossing on the inside of tomato puree packets which they later cut of into Hundertwasser style houses which were sewed onto of their tapestry pieces. In my final sessions with the s2 pupils I demonstrated samples pieces such as manipulating wires, plastic and paper in order that they could use to turn their 2d designs into 3rd objects. The shadowing that I am doing is part of a programme AAIS (Angus Artists in Schools ) run by Angus Council to encourage artists and designers to go into primary and secondary school in the region and run projects for a number of days.

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