Thursday, 21 April 2011

Guild of Enamellers Conference 2011

Last weekend I attended the annual Guild of Enamellers conference which this year took place in Canterbury. It was a wonderful few days of meeting lots of fellow enamellers from beginners like myself to others who have been enamelling for years. Along with the workshops there were talks and discussions along with opportunities to purchase supplies. It was fantastic of all these makers to meet in one place and I'm already looking foward to the next one next year! Here a few photos of pieces made in the various workshops such as Introduction to printing on enamel using photographic transfers with Tamar De Vries Winter and garden enamels with Carol Griffin.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The day the cow got cast.

Yesterday I started casting a cow to add to my Indian street scene, the base for moulding this creature was an old Victorian lead toy which was a British model of this animal . With a little help from the magic of Milliput the cow was given an Indian make over with a hump and horns . The next stage of this process is to clean him up with filing and then to gold plate the little chap. Thanks to Kerrianne for showing me the ropes and helping with the creation of this farm animal.