Thursday, 28 July 2011

Emerging enamellists from New Designers

Emily Knight - Series of temple bangles

Bekki Churcher - The Cells

Here are a couple of designer/makers from the 2011 New Designers that collections caught my eye due to their painterly approach to enamelling. Emily Knight's theme for her final year collection was based on her travels to India. The pieces Emily created was based on her memories and experiences of her time in this country full of textures, colours and patterns that are evident in this collection of work.

Another design graduate from Glasgow School of Art using enamelling in an expressive way was Bekki Churcher. The inspiration from Bekki's collection was centered around a modern ruin of St Peter's Seminary based in Cardross , Glasgow. This concrete building was completed in 1966 and used as a teaching college up until the 1980's. From being an award winning piece of architecture it now lies in Cardross village as a concrete skeleton being taken over by nature. Bekki's work encapsulates this juxtaposition of the man made versus nature.

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